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We build products that enable people doing the most important jobs to do them better. The kind of jobs that keep our streets clean, our children safe and our communities thriving.

Arcus Place

Arcus Place enables you to make your local environment better by streamlining services such as planning, building control and waste management through the smart use of cloud based applications.

By making efficiencies in these areas you can free up resources to be invested in other essential services such as children’s services and social care.


How can Arcus Place services help you?

Councils have a broad range of responsibilities and portfolios. Using a range of solutions and back office applications, Arcus can help you define strategies to manage workloads and streamline services.

How does the Arcus Place platform add value?

Using our applications means you are able to analyse and mobilise your workforce in the most cost effective and efficient way. You are able to target resources, measure their effectiveness and performance manage to continually improve your services. Our technology is cloud based meaning that it can be accessed anywhere on any device. Great for when staff are working remotely.


We’re with you all the way

Arcus will help you begin your journey to becoming a 'data-driven, decision-making' organisation, enabling you to tailor better, more efficient services to your residents.